Starting April 19, 2020, the book “LOVE BIG” will be releasing a chapter every Sunday and Thursday. 
Like a podcast, or even your favorite TV show, I wanted to release a book in a smiliar way.  

Not only will you have access to the chapters as they’re released, but you’ll also have an opportunity to 
join group discussion (moderated) with enaging, positive and encouraing discussion through a supportive Facebook group. 

“Love Big” PRE-SALE!

LeeAnn Babirad (Bab-er-add) went to college and never finished. She joined the military and was kicked out. She got married and then divorced. She even failed at attempted suicide and got fired from working at a church. Yet somehow, after failing at almost everything, she’s still winning at living life.

LeeAnn Babirad takes you on a journey through real life – rough terrain experiences and leads you to the place where she learned how healthy perspective, radical love and an unyielding hope can squash any trial or tragedy.

“Love Big” is on track to be released in April 2019. For every book ordered, “Hey it’s Lee” will deliver a paperback copy to a homeless human.

Love Big, right?

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LeeAnn Babirad

LeeAnn Babirad

Author, Founder of The AOK Project

Born in Buffalo, New York, LeeAnn spends most of her time developing relationships and being creative. She is a photographer, videographer, graphic artist, and content developer. The last few years have been especially difficult; hysterectomy, bladder sling surgery, 4th cardiac ablation, thymectomy, multiple ER visits, infusions every two weeks, diagnosed with CVID and Myasthenia Gravis. Fighting for a quality of life, she knew she had to tackle a constructive project that would encourage others. “Love Big” was the perfect fit.


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Willow is a 9 Year old German Shepherd / Coon Hound mix. Aside from being the sweetest and most gentle dog, she also serves as a Service Dog to her human. Chicken, blueberries and sweet peppers are her favorite snacks. She loves playing fetch with blue balls. She’s an avid swimmer, hiker and chipmunk chaser. She can whisper and give fist bumps. Her favorite restaurant is The Olive Tree in Lancaster, NY. 



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Meadow is a, now,  1.5 Year old German Shepherd/Coonhound. From Watertown, NY, Meadow joined the family here in Buffalo to become a Service Dog like Willow. Meadow is a spunky pup and very intelligent. She enjoys car rides so much that she sleeps 90% of the drive. We send her to doggy daycare once in a while, to burn off some energy. She is an active dog with a heart for the outdoors! Meadow is one special pupper.
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Why did you write "LOVE BIG?"

Writing a book has always been a desire of mine. Life continues to be busy, one thing after another, and I just never made accomplishing the goal a priority. That is, until this year. It’s been rough four – five years for me. I decided to not give myself a choice. It was time. So I went for it!

Where did the title "LOVE BIG" come from?
I went through a list of potential book titles. I finally decided to stop trying to figure it out and see if a title would pop out at me. I often tell people “love you really big!” The last time I used the phrase was the ah-ha moment. “Love Big,” became the title.
What was your favorite chapter to write?
I’m not sure I have a favorite chapter. Spending time making each chapter interactive, was probably my favorite part of this entire process (so far).
Oops! I almost gave the suprise away 😉
What was the most difficult chapter to write?
That’s easy. Anchors “Away.” But you’ll need to read it to understand why.
What is the main thing you want readers to take away from your book?

How to “Love Big,” of course. How to be kind. How to live life, even when you’re unsure what your purpose is or why you’re going through what you are. 

How can I get involved?
You want to join in the Love Big Project? Reach out! There are so many neat ideas, dreams and wishes to get moving on! Check in with me, I want to talk to you!