L E E A N N   B A B I R A D

LeeAnn Babirad (Bab-er-add) went to college and never finished. She joined the military and was kicked out. She got married and then divorced. She even failed at attempted suicide and got fired from working at a church.

Lee takes you on a journey through real-life rough terrain experiences and leads you to the place where she learned how healthy perspective, radical love and an unyielding hope can squash any trial or tragedy.



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The next best thing to being kind, is to wear kindness.

LeeAnn Babirad

LeeAnn Babirad

Author, Founder of The AOK Project,


Hey, it’s Lee! Welcome to my freshly squeezed site and welcome to the “Love Big” pre-launch campaign.

Born in Buffalo, New York, I spend most of my time developing relationships and being creative. I’m a professional photographer, videographer, graphic artist, and content developer. The last few years have been especially difficult; hysterectomy, bladder sling surgery, 4th cardiac ablation, thymectomy, multiple ER visits, infusions every two weeks, diagnosed with CVID and Myasthenia Gravis. While fighting for a quality of life, I knew I had to tackle a constructive project that would encourage others. “Love Big” was the perfect project.

Where I Was, Who I Am, Where I Want to Be

This is a video I submitted to The Ellen Degeneres show, in hopes of being selected for the Jeannie’s First Time Ever show. Hey, ya never know, right?

Years on Earth

Places Lived

Pets Loved

2020 Chipotle Visits